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  09/27/12 4:10:03 PM

     In 1988, Randy McNeil bought a small rice facility in Waldenburg, Arkansas and started Poinsett Rice & Grain.  At that time, the facility had a capacity of only 389,000 bushels.  As soon as Randy began his business, he knew he wanted to set Poinsett apart from competition.  To do this, he began offering a cash price everyday for rice using the fledgling rice futures market as a tool.  Soon, Poinsett Rice began to prosper and grow and within a few years, there were facilities in Osceola and Corning.  Today, Poinsett has 6 facilities. At Poinsett Rice & Grain we strive to meet the needs of our customers through outstanding service and treat each customer as though they are a part of the Poinsett family.

Our Facilities Include:

Waldenburg A & B plant
Cherry Valley

Our Staff Includes:

Randy McNeil, President                       Jonesboro Office
Ryan Carwell, Vice-President                 Jonesboro Office
Scott Foushee, Merchandiser                Waldenburg Location
Jeremy Stracener, Merchandiser            Jonesboro Office
Kim Winder, Merchandiser for Corning Location and Missouri
Brandon Mathis, Merchandiser               Jonesboro Office
Jeff Worsham,                                     Osceola Port Manager
Keith Little, Dispatcher                          Waldenburg Office
Kim Langley, Logistics/Documentation   Jonesboro Office
Janet Foushee, Grain Accounting           Jonesboro Office
Von Calhoun, Acct/Office Manager         Jonesboro Office
Amy Ortiz, Freight/Rail Manager            Jonesboro Office
Heather Loperano, Receptionist             Jonesboro Office


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